Hard Assets

1. Bank Instruments:

  • SBLC / BG (can be sent by Swift MT760)
  • Medium Term Notes (Can be sent by Swift MT760, DTC, or Euroclear)
  • Bank Draft (client sends by Swift MT110)
  • Certificate of Deposit (can be sent by DTC or Euroclear)
  • Cash Block (client sends by Swift MT542)

2. Hard Assets: Assets such as diamonds, gold, gemstones, precious metals, artwork, etc. can be entered in a Private Placement Program. Virtually anything with a SKR or Insurance Wrap sent with full banking responsibility will work. Platform can help the client acquire the insurance wrap if required (usually a % of asset value).

3. Ledger to Ledger / Internal Block: Platform can do interan blocking (ledger to ledger) at most major banks as the Platform hold credit lines globally. No swift required. Takes a little longer to set up.

4. Tear Sheet Program: This method requires no swift, block, or admin hold. Platform Officer will go to client's bank and place himself on a Sub Account of client's account. Platform Officer wil have a NON-DEPLETING status. (Nothing can move out of the account). Platform Officer will not have access to client funds. NOTE: This is a Tier 2 Platform, which is different platform.

  • SBLC / BG from Top Prime Bank delivered by SWIFT MT760 will have a LTV Ratio of 70% or higher.
  • Weekly Profit Distribution can be requested.
  • Duration: 40 weeks / 10 moths
  • Contract will carry a 30% monthly Minimum Guarantee (worst case scenario)
  • Historical Returns have been between 100% and 200% Monthly
  • It's possible client may be eligible for other Programs as they arise
  • Client will sign a 5% Fee Agreement for Intermediaries

Entry Process:

  • Client submits the following
  • POF: Copy of Bank Instrument, RWA Letter, BCL, Proof of Ownership, etc.
  • KYC completed and signed
  • Client will participate in CC with a Platform Officer. All available options will be presented to client
  • If CC is successful, Trade Contract will be issued to client within hours of CC