Graco Mortgage is a privately held national/international financing company. We currently lend money for construction debt and private equity transactions and we specialize in large projects such as concert venues, sports stadiums, commercial retail space, hotels, assisted living facilities, power & ethanol plants, wind & Solar farms, plus much more.

Graco Mortgage Corp is both versatile and innovative in our fast, no-nonsense lending parameters to handle jumbo and super jumbo transactions. Our loan rates start at 4.75%.

Equity Participation / Joint Venture

  • We offer what very few lenders can - equity participation. Our lender(s) can inject the additional funds required above the loan amount up to 100%!!!
  • Graco Mortgage Corp specialized in providing equity participation for large hotels, power plants, refineries, data centers, solar & wind farms, skyscrapers, and large construction projects. Both domestically and Internationally.
  • Using our knowledge of creative funding options and flexible deal structure, we can help fund that transaction for you that is unparalledled in the industry.