In order to qualify for 100% project financing, the client must have at least 10% cash of the project cost. Depending on which program is available at the time of application. The return on the investment will vary. The cash that is held in your bank account should be in one of the top 75 banks in the world.

For this program, No other equity will be acceptable except for Cash, as listed above. We are not allowed to consider or look at equity in any real estate instead of cash.


  • 100% project funding or greater
  • Client's money never leaves their bank account and Nobody else will ever sign on their account.
  • Client's initial money must remain in their account until funding is complete. All funding generated via our programs may be freely used to build/fund the project(s).
  • No upfront cost at all for the program
  • No debt - the client will not have a mortgage or other loan against the project - there is no repayment of the funding.
  • No interest is charged to the client at any time.
  • No appraisals or other valuation documents required at the beginning of the project to determine the value and any LTV
  • No other collateral required: the client does not have to own the real estate or use any other asset as collateral
  • Although the funding will come in tranches or payments, there are no draws or draws schedule required.
  • Industries available for project funding: Hospitality, Multifamily (student housing and ALF included), renewable energy, oil & gas, airlines, vessels/ships, telecommunications, and much more. There is basically no legal project that we will not finance.
  • A client must be able to pass compliance and not have any red flags in their background. We do not require a typical conventional lending package and the project does not go through underwriting.

The minimum project size is $10 million USD and the maximum is determined by the amount of cash they halve in their bank account. The specific returns provided to the client to fund their project(s) will vary depending on the specific program parameters being offered at the time of application. Basically, the potential variation in the program parameters would cause different timeliness for complete funding and not prevent full funding.