Investors, Collectors, and Portfolio owners. Graco Mortgage has designed a loan / sale program  on verifiable collateral that is asset based, non-recourse and NO payments due during the loan period.
This valuation is determined by Sothebys. Once complete, a value number will be allocated with the Loan of 50% of its valuation paid at closing. This can close in as little as 7 business days.
The term of the loan is 12 months from closing, repayment will be issued from Client to Investor.
If the loan is NOT paid, the asset will be liquidated by Auction Sale.
The underwriting of the loan / sale package will consist of the following:
  • Non-Recourse Loan
  • Simple Application
  • Not credit driven
  • Asset Based
  • Flexible Terms
  • Fees as Low as 10%, plus legal costs paid at closing
  • Commitment will be paid by Client to secure the closing (each file is reviewed on a case by case basis, based on collateral.
Get funds now for buying a business, buy out a partner, buy real estate, buy stocks and bonds or fund estate planning cost and insurance. Diversify your income and have more financial options. Once the file has been initially reviewed and a Commitment Letter is insured, a note that due diligence fees at commitment letter will be applied at the closing as a reimbursement.
What We Finance:
  • Jewelry
  • Fine Art
  • Exotic Cars
  • Precious Stones (Diamonds mainly)
  • Anything of great value
NO Upfront Fees for review and pre-qualification.
Example:              $20 Million Valuation by Appraiser
Loan Amount:    $10 million
Payments:           No Payments due for the term of the loan
Recourse:            Non-Recourse
Use your funds for any purpose, reinvestment, buy a business, participate in private placement, invest in any business you want to. Invest your funds any way you wan to over the next 12 months.
Close as soon as 7 Days from commitment letter and completion of Appraisal on collateral.
Obligation to pay back the loan in 12 months as a balloon payment. If repayment is NOT arranged by borrower the asset will be sold by our Equity Group and our investor to recoup the loan plus costs.
Getting money fast on your fine art and antiquities has never been easier. Regardless of where you are located, we off fast and expedient service.
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Contact us today and get your funds next week.

Financing for: Diamonds, Jewel, Fine Art, Collectibles, Exotic Cars