Graco Commercial Capital (GCC) is a independent provider of purchase order finance and purchase order financing. Since 1992 GCC has offered the widest array of PO finance, trade finance and structured inventory finance solutions for small to middle market companies headquartered in the US, Canada and United Kingdom.

GCC tailors finance solutions to grow sales unemcumbered by traditional capital constraints. When there are orders or contracts from a credit worth end nbuyer, GCC has unique finance solutions to help its clients fulfill their orders.

We are an investment company not a bank or traditional lender limited by regulations. At GCC our people specialize in providing purchase order financing, which includes trade finance and contract finance solutions for our clients. GCC and or affiliates have provided more than $2.50 billion of capital to over 400 public and private companies worldwide.

GCC entrepreneurial spirit and our teams years of expertise has helped us grow into a large independent purchase order and contract finance company in the U.S.. We are privately owned and operated by our founder.

Our extensive financial resources coupled with our team's ability to come up with unique financial solutions, allows us to offer our portfolio companies finance solutions and support not available elsewhere.

Our focus is to help build our porfolio companies profits and long term value for their equity holders. GCC is family of client companies made up of good people, running good businesses in need of additional capital to continue growing as part of the special and unique GCC family.

Graco Commercial Capital:

  • Focuses on the abilities and knowledge of our client companies aling with the economic strength of the opportunity to be financed not soley on our client's balance sheet.
  • Offers decisions within day, not weeks.
  • Finance goods in process and full production.
  • Offers flexible and creative financing solutions.
  • Offers an alternative solution to selling equity in the company.
  • Has been in business since 1992
  • Has experience in diverse industries.
  • Provides assistance and expertise in structuring domestic and Inernational transactions/sales.
  • We finance experienced manufactures.
  • Offers unrivaled integrity.

Graco Commercial Capital provides purchase order finance, trade finance, contract finance, government contract finance and structured inventory finance solutions to clients in the US, Canada and UK. Our unique finance solutions have enabled companies to take advantage of sales growth opportunities that are larger than they can finance internally or through traditional finance sources. GCC's focus is not necessarily the balance sheet of the client's company, but rather the underlying sales opportunities and the economic and commercial viability of those potential sales.

We work in conjunction with factors, asset based lenders and banks that will advance against receivables afte the goods are shipped offering companies additional liquidity for growth.

GCC offers everything from finished goods supply chain finance solutions to complex production financing and project financing.

We finance start ups with good people having industry experience all the way to operating companies with long proven track records in their industry. Our strong financial foundation and unique expertise allows us to quickly provide the broadest selection of purhase order finance, contract finance and trade finance solutions available. Our PO finance solutions provide importers and exporters the capital they need to grow sales and make more money. 

Whether our solution is supply chain finance, production finance for manufacturers, Government contract finance, structured inventory finance, project finance or letters of credit to secure international or domestic production, GCC can help.

GCC works in conjunction with and acts as a compiment to factors, asset based lenders and banks to provide a complete business solution tha helps turn purchase orders and contracts into profits for clients - and we do it FAST! We are experts at providing Finance solutions and taking the performance risk of fulfilling orders when their is no sufficient traditional collateral.

GCC offers many creative and entreprenneurial solutions for financing a businesses growth. Companies searching for Purchase Order Finance, PO Finance, Inventory Finance, Government Contract Finance, Trade Finance, Supply Chain Finance, Equity Investment, Working Capital Finance, Transaction Management Assistance or Cash Flow Finance may find the GCC's finance solutions and expertise better fulfill their needs.

The benefits of Graco Commercial Capital Purchase Order Finance (PO Finance):

  • The ability to buy inventory and grow sales without being limited by existing capital.
  • Allows companies togrow without increased bank debt or selling equity.
  • Helps ensure timely deliveries to customers.
  • Increase market share.
  • Allows companies to make larger profits by fulfilling larger orders.
  • Fast flexible funding.
  • Provides oveseas manufacturing assurance to start production of goods.
  • Helps companies in a turnaround.
  • Helps when seasonal sales spikes strain cash flow.

Graco Commercial Capital Provides Purchase Order Funding