Our Energy Programs are not limited to just one area like other lenders are. We will consider any project that make sense anywhere in the world.

With our minimum loan amount of, $5 million to $10 billion+. We can cover most any type of project that you can come up with.

Energy Financing Solutions

Graco Mortgage serves as a financial conduit for, Private Investors, Public Companies, Financial Capital Pools, Hedge Funds, Government Agencies, Banks and Financial Institutions. We work to accelerate capital flow and thus develop sustainable energy funding which in turn serves to the meet challenges of climate change.
We serve the Renewable Energy sector by creating financial resources that are able to fund renewable, alternative energy endeavors. Graco Mortgage serves in the creation of sustainable energy projects to help a Carbon Free Environment, and a healthier more beautiful planet for future generations to come.
Solar Power Plant Development / Construction / Acquisition Financing
What we can do:
  • Secure financing for solar construction on an International basis (assuming that country is friendly towards the USA)
  • Secure financing for a shortfall to support the acquisition of a solar power plant in another country
  • Secure financing for solar power plant improvements
  • Secure money for solar power plant construction from $5 million to $10 billion (US)
Solar Power Plant Financing Program
Even if your solar project has been turned down by other lenders, Graco Mortgage may be able to help. We are able to leverage our reputation in the capital market place to secure financing for viable solar projects that halve been declined by other lenders.
Parameters we look for initially include:
  • Solar Project size of $5 million to over $10 billion
  • Solar / Photovoltaic power plant land site has been selected (for development projects), or, preferably is already owned.
  • Solar performance guarantee is in place (Power Purchase Agreement).
  • Solar storage and transmission capability is key.